Sentido del Tango


Release date: 21 December 2011
CM 1018
EAN: 5904259357951
Total time: 51:08



A sensual Argentine tango is a passion which opens up new musical horizons on closer acquaintance. It seduces with its intensity and creates a specific type of intimacy that is expressed particularly in chamber music. By combining piano, guitar and bandoneon sounds Sentido del Tango performs the best pieces of tango, including classical works and outstanding Piazzolla's music. The album, however, contains our own compositions as well, the compositions which reflect all music experience we have. "Retrato" will be appreciated both by connoisseurs and amateurs whose first steps in the world of tango are yet to come.

La Muerte del Angel (A. Piazzolla) 4:27
El Pollo Ricardo (L.A. Fernandez) 3:00
Celos (A. Piazzolla) 3:32
Bandoneon (A. Piazzolla) 10:10
Zita (A. Piazzolla) 4:40
Mi Amigo Cholo (A. Stampone) 2:55
Milonga del Solitude (P. Kopietz) 4:34
Retrato de Gabriela (P. Kopietz) 8:00
Oblivion (A. Piazzolla) 4:45
10 Fuga y Misterio (A. Piazzolla) 5:22


Piotr Kopietz: bandoneon, accordina, arangements; Gabriela Machowska-Kopietz: piano; Mateusz Szemraj: guitars; Guest artists: Wojciech Lubertowicz: cajon, percsussion; Piotr Guz: violin I; Paulina Mastyło: violin II; Adam Dębski: viola; Robert Dacko: cello; Mateusz Dobosz: double bass.


About the band:

The popularity of tango is constantly growing. More and more people listen to tango, dance tango or simply relish hearing the sounds of it. Tango is a passion which led for Sentido del Tango to come into being.

We play chamber tango. Our music is based primarily on the piano, guitar and bandoneon, the instruments which are essential for tango's perfect sound. In our music we refer both to tradition and future, performing classics as well as our own compositions. We are most significantly inspired by Astor Piazzolla's works.

Our music, like fragrances, was created with notes: we complemented the base note with a heart note and a sense note, i.e. percussion instruments and, in two last pieces, string quintet. We hope such combination will make an unforgettable impression evoking the most precious memories and allowing to hide from the ordinariness of the world for a while, just like fragrances do.