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CM 1001

Michał Czachowski - Indialucia

Indialucía is a musical project, which fuses two fascinating styles of music: Indian and Flamenco music. The album expresses both the human and musical fusion of these cultures, which could have had a common ancestor.

Genre: World: Flamenco
Release Date: 
CM 1002

Leszek  Hefi  Wiśniowski - Lechoechoplexita

Technically impressing flute’s parties interweave with tranquil passages that resemble, by its atmosphere, Jan Garbarek’s music. As far as inimitable sound and general concept is concerned it is probably the only such record in the world.

Genre: Jazz: Weird Jazz
Release Date: 
CM 1003
Rafael Cortes - Alcaiceria

Rafael Cortes is one of the few composers who unites the tradition with the present time and maintains pure flamenco, playing modern style. Amazing technical level so we experience the sensation that there is nothing for him he could not be able to play. 

Genre: World: Flamenco
Release Date: 
CM 1004
Formation In - The Colours and the Shapes

Formation -In- is essentially an acoustic trio led by a vibraphone, accompanied by a double bass and a jazz guitar. Although the music is mostly acoustic, some of the soundscapes are transformed electronically, which gives a new dimension to the vibraphone sounds.

Genre: Jazz: Smooth Jazz
Release Date: 
CM 1005
Silesian Guitar Octet - Oct.opus

Silesian Guitar Octet is the only octet all over the world performing that has a stable structure. This musical body has been created in 2001. In the beginning the idea was to put together as many guitars as possible and at the same time not to create a guitar orchestra.

Genre: Classical guitar
Release Date: 
CM 1006

Ignacio Fernandez - Buscare

Buscaré is debut album of the young flamenco guitar player from Jerez. His work presents modern flamenco guitar in the concept of melodic, harmonious and rhythmical blending.  The album is not only for flamenco guitarists but for everyone who likes fully acoustic music.

Genre: World: Flamenco
Release Date: 
CM 1007

Fareed Ayaz & Bros - Soul of the Sufi

Qawwali group led by two great singers from Pakistan. Fully energetic live album from a concert in Warsaw. Experience the energy captured in this live concert album, which carried the audience to another dimension.

Genre: World: Qawwali
Release Date: 
CM 1008

Antonio el Titi - Disfruto Flamenco

Very modern and innovative album of amazing flamenco guitar visrtuoso - Antonio el Titi. A bold bet, which vibrates the flamenco innovative and evolutionary. The album contains all the most important styles of modern flamenco, music which expands your imagination.

Genre: World: Flamenco
Release Date: 
CM 1009

Maria Pomianowska and Friends - Chopin on 5 Continents

This album is an attempt at creating a multicultural meeting, based on selected masterpieces from the repertoire of the great composer. This CD features unique arrangements of Frederic Chopin's masterpieces, performed on various ethnic instruments.

Genre: Classical: Chopin
Release Date: 
CM 1010

Cracow Guitar Quartet - From Ballet to Tango

Spreading over from the Renaissance to modernity bridging the gap between Europe and South America spanning a vast body of work, from masterpieces to enchanting folk-based compositions an ensemble of four classical guitarists offers you a novel and fascinating interpretation of dance music.

Genre: Classical guitar
Release Date: 
CM 8231
Ritmodelia - It's not Batucada!
The band’s first album entitled "It's not batucada!" featured 10 original instrumental tracks. The band used their typical Brazilian instruments as well as all the best, the ethnic and orchestra percussion worlds have to offer. 
Genre: World: Brazilian
Release Date: 2010
CM 1011

Mosaic - Ludovava

Mosaic reaches for the oldest Polish traditional songs, telling their stories in the language of music, brimming with oriental accents. They create landscapes with the sounds of ancient and ethnic instruments, in a remarkable marriage of Slavic wilderness and melancholy with oriental mystery.

Genre: World: Polish Music
Release Date: 
CM 1012

Layatharanga - Anandam

Layatharanga fuses Carnatic classical music with other music forms to produce a soothing and harmonious resonance. One of the most prominent and enthusiastic new music groups of India that renders a unique selection of compositions that is based on the traditional South Indian rhythms.

Genre: World: Indian Classical
Release Date: 
CM 1013

Silesian Guitar Octet - The Music of XX Century

Innovative sound, great interpretations and the new expression of the guitar - this is the second album of the Silesian Guitar Octet. Here you can find the original pieces composed for eight guitars by contemporary composers and unique transcriptions of the great works of the XX century music.

Genre: Classical guitar
Release Date: 
CM 1014

Rafael Cortes - Parando el Tiempo

Amazing virtuosity in every stroke of the flamenco guitar sound. The essence of flamenco through touching melodies based on tradition and modernity.


Genre: World: Flamenco
Release Date: 
CM 1015

Dhoad Rivendell - A Night in Warsaw

The project DHOAD-RIVENDELL is a timeless fusion of imagination, a creative world of free energy and the esoteric mystical maharajas. Unrestricted fantasy fuses distant cultural entities. The concert was like rubbing Aladdin's lamp - the musical genie fulfilling wishes of good people around the world!

Genre: World: Indian
Release Date: 
CM 1016

Gadająca Tykwa

The music of Gadająca Tykwa (‘The Nattering Gourd’) can be described as ethnic or world music. Its specific character is derived from a blend of traditional folk instruments with popular ones. The group looks for inspiration in the pulsating rhythms of West Africa, as well as in blues and country music.

Genre: World: African
Release Date: 
CM 1017

Ignacio Fernandez - Conjuro

Conjuro is the second album from Ignacio Fernandez, the guitar phenom from Jerez de la Frontera. A melodic mix of Rumba, Tango, Bolero, and Rondena keeps your blood pumping from start to finish.


Genre: World: Flamenco
Release Date: 
CM 1018

Sentido del Tango - Retrato

By combining piano, guitar and bandoneon sounds Sentido del Tango performs the best pieces of tango, including classical works and outstanding Piazzolla's music. The album, however, contains their own compositions as well, the compositions which reflect all music experience they have.

Genre: World: Tango
Release Date: 

New Bone - Destined

New Bone - fresh blood in the body of Polish jazz. Music loaded with modernity, but contained in a classic stream. Mature performance that makes no compromise, open to the most current trends, filled with melodies that will be remembered.

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 
Amjad Sabri - Ecstasy of the Soul

With his tall, burly frame, glossy locks and a tiny circle of gold glinting at his ear, Amjad naturally commands attention. But when he starts singing, it is his rich baritone that captures one completely. The quality of his father’s voice and talent for qawwali.

Genre: World: Qawwali
Release Date: 
Muario Lanza - Jazzbient

Recorded with a renewed line-up, the fifth album of the Muario Lanza band is a continuation of the ambient-jazzperformance in an acoustic-instrumental version. The album Jazzbient, consists of five stylistically different compositions whose common denominator is the 5/4 time signature. 

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 
Pedro y Mari - Latino

The very first album of a family band "Pedro y Mari" together with a fine choice of accompanying musicians. Filled with calm and sunny sounds of brazilian bossa nova among other styles appearing in the record. Relaxing and inspiring music with the touch of saudade.

Genre: Jazz/Latin
Release Date: 
New Bone - Follow Me

Film music composed by Bronisław Kaper and Henryk Wars. New, interesting arrangements by jazz quintet with contemporary feeling and a fresh approach to jazz music, written by three leading Polish jazz piano players.

Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 
CM 1024
Indialucia  - Acatao
The second album of musical project by Miguel Czachowski offers entirely acoustic sound, many well-known virtuosos of ethnical instruments and vocalists from both continents, improvisation and – most of all – the energy of the Spanish flamenco and the energy of the mystic India.
Genre: World Music/Flamenco
Release Date: 2014
CM 1025
Agata Hołdyk  - Clara & Robert Schumann
Clara and Robert Schumann - one can see spiritual and artistic interdependence of their artistic achievements, visible in the similarity of themes of numerous piano pieces they composed. Presented pieces are examples of mutual artistic inspiration of Clara and Robert themselves.
Genre: Classical/Piano
Release Date: 2015
CM 1026
DOBROTO to subtelne połączenie wielogłosu ukraińskiego oraz melodii i rytmów z pogranicza Bałkanów i krajów Bliskiego Wschodu. Tradycyjne pieśni ukraińskie w melodyjnych aranżacjach oraz autorskie kompozycje. Międzykulturowy pomost, muzyczny koloryt oraz uniwersalny język.
Genre: Ethno
Release Date: 2016
CM 1027  
Małgorzata & Andrzej Otremba  - Sweet & Spicy
This is the artisic output of the Duo Classico. It is the love for music which connected a flautist and a guitarist permanently: as they have been nurturing an artistic and emotional relationship for many years. Music connects people, and this is expressed in our album.
Genre: Classical/Guitar/Flute
Release Date: 2017
CM 1028   
Ahha Piano Duo  - Our World of 4 Hands 
AHHA Piano Duo is a blend of two energetic pianists’ personalities - Agata Hołdyk and Aleksandra Hałat, who undertake a spirited musical dialogue, unfolding on many levels and in multiple styles, whether they play compositions for four hands or two pianos.
Genre: Classical/Piano
Release Date: 2017
CM 1029   
Ewelina Grygier - Szplin
Szplin is a solo album by Ewelina Grygier, a flutist known from groups such as Danar and Usłyszeć Taniec. It includes a collection of her own compositions inspired by traditional music, a combination of genuine acoustic sound with ethno jazz improvisation.
Genre: Ethno
Release Date: 2019
CM 1030   
New Bone - Longing
A story of longing and transience, told in the language of modern jazz. Perfectly scored, multi-faceted music in artful instrumentation, played by outstanding musicians. A mature and profound work.
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 2020
CM 1031
Marta Kania - Piosenki Wodą Pisane
Debiutancka płyta Marty Kani to zbiór autorskich utworów z pogranicza folkowej piosenki żeglarskiej, ballady i poezji śpiewanej. Odnaleźć w nich można brzmienie klasycznych stylów, takich jak tango czy bossanova w ciekawych, nowatorskich aranżacjach.
Genre: Songwriting
Release Date: 2021
CM 1032
AQuartet - Wszystko Gra
Repertuar AQuartetu to muzyka rozrywkowa - począwszy od utworów okresu międzywojnia aż po czasy współczesne, nie stronią także od dzieł klasycznych. Kwartet nie boi się wyzwań i nieustannie pracuje nad nowymi programami. 
Genre: Classical
Release Date: 2021
CM 1033
Wanda i Grzegorz Ratajscy - Wierszośpiewanki
Zbiór śpiewanych wierszyków dla dzieci, autorstwa najbardziej znanych polskich poetów. Każdy utwór inspirowany jest innym stylem muzycznym. Piosenki zostały nagrane w wersji akustycznej, nie ma tu żadnych instrumentów elektronicznych. 
Genre: Songwriting
Release Date: 2021
CM 1034
Sidor X Sage - Trap Style Violin
A unique meeting of classical and electronic music. Trap Violin Style is a meeting of the violin and electronic music. Well-known compositions by the most famous composers are mixed with electronic beats, giving a new perspective on classical music.
Genre: Classical/Electronic
Release Date: 2021