Silesian Guitar Octet


Release date: 22 August 2008
Catalogue number: CM 1005 | Format: CD | Box: digipack
Album type: studio | Genre: Classical/Instrumental
Publisher: CM Records
Total time: 66:01
EAN: 5904259358644


"There is nothing nicer than a guitar. Even if, there is something nicer, then it would be two guitars". These words are ascribed to Chopin. Interesting what he would have said (or rather heard) when he would have seen simultaneously eight guitars! The repertoire of the album contains many beautiful pearls for the orchestra music transcribed for eight classical guitars. You will find compositions written by W. A. Mozart, P. Tchaikovsky, E. Grieg, J. Turina, L. Brouwer, A. Khachaturian and Leonard Bernstein.

1. Andante 5:37
2. Overture 3:41
3. Marche 2:38
4. Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy 1:55
5. Russian Dance 1:15
6. Arabian Dance 2:47
7. Chinese Dance 1:12
8. Dance of the Reed-Flutes 2:13
9. Waltz of the Flowers 6:58
10. Morning Mood 3:05
11. Aase's Death 2:53
12. Anitra's Dance 3:20
13. In the Hall of the Mountain King 2:46
14. Zambra 3:14
15. Danza de la Seduccion 3:05
16. Danza Ritual 2:07
17. Generalife 1:51
18. Sacro-Monte 1:39
19. Cuban Landscape with Rain 7:39
20. Sabre Dance 2:33
21. America 2:21


Tomasz Spaliński, Jacek Płosa, Franciszek Wieczorek, Katarina Wieczorekova, Mariusz Bury, Jan Kudełka, Piotr Kudełka, Krzysztof Kołodziej- classical guitars

About the artists:

Silesian Guitar Octet is the only octet all over the world performing that has a stable structure. This musical body has been created in 2001 from the initiative of Franciszek Wieczorek. In the beginning the idea was to put together as many guitars as possible and at the same time not to create a guitar orchestra. Originally, each of the guitarists should have played his own part. Later on, the number of guitarists has become eight. After finding of the excellent Silesian guitarists (teachers of silesian musical schools and the best students of Music Academy in Katowice), there appeared some complication. The problem is that there are very few pieces written originally for the octet. After long hours of playing, practicing, overcoming the difficulties, finally there came the time for the debut on 15th March 2002. The octet was given ovations and later it became even better. Silesian Guitar Octet has played with success in many concerts in Poland as well as abroad (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain).