Release date: 17 October 2010
Catalogue number: CM 1012 | Format: CD | Box: digipack
Album type: studio| Genre: World Music/Indian
Publisher: CM Records
Total time: 47:55
EAN: 5904259358125


Anandam means joy and bliss. Indian classical music, known for its richness and vibrancy, is brought to a new dimension in this album through a delightful fusion of Carnatic, Hindustani, Folk and Western music. In their relentless search for new musical horizons, this group of young, dynamic and talented artists renders a unique selection of compositions that is based on the traditional South Indian rhythms, blending a variety of musical forms to create a pleasing, joyful and foot tapping stream of acoustics sounds.


1 Rudra 4:02
2 Anandam 7:11
2 Telisi Rama 5:13
4 Ta Dhi Gi Na Tom 7:37
5 Forget Me Not 5:27
6 Trilokam I 3:54
7 Trilokam II 4:13
8 Trilokam III 3:58
9 Nirmala 6:14



Ravichandra Kulur: flute, kanjira; Giridhar Udupa: ghatam, kanjira, konnakol, vocals;Arun Kumar: tavil, morsing, konnakol, kanjira, nakara, vocals; Jayachandra Rao: mridangam, kanjira, vocals; Pramath Kiran: tabla, morsing, kanira, cajon, vocals.

Guest musicians: Purbayan Chatterjee: sitar; Embar S. Kannan: violin; Marta Huget-Skiba: violins; U. P. Raju: mandolin; Butto: flute; Pallavi Arun: vocal;Lakshman: nadaswaram; Kishore: sarod; Anoor Ananthakrishna Sharma: tavil;Udayraj Karpoor: tabla; Madhusudan: tabla.

About the group:
Layatharanga has emerged as one of the most prominent and enthusiastic new music groups of India. They epitomize "World Music" - a music form which blends different musical styles from across the globe. Layatharanga fuses Carnatic classical music with other music forms to produce a soothing and harmonious resonance. All the musicians of the group are masters in their own fields, with roots deep in South Indian traditions. Drawing from this rich training, they have collaborated to bring their unique style to the forefront. These rich melodies, complex rhythm patterns and intriguing intricacies of the Carnatic style, blended together with disparate tunes, are effectively used in creating a refreshingly new music style, bringing Layatharanga a steady flow of worldwide commendation. They have performed and collaborated individually and as a team with world renowned music maestros like Pandit Ravi Shankar, Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna, Dr.L.Subramaniam, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Indialucia, Larry Coryell, and Ernie Watts among others. They have also taken part in numerous International music festivals and have toured and performed extensively in the US, Canada, Europe, the Far East, Australasia and the Gulf States.