Formation In

The Colours and the Shapes

Release date: 21.02.2009
CM 1004
EAN: 5904259358446




Formation -In- is essentially an acoustic trio led by a vibraphone, accompanied by a double bass and a jazz guitar. Although the music is mostly acoustic, some of the soundscapes are transformed electronically, which gives a new dimension to the vibraphone sounds. The music on the album has been inspired by the paintings of Wassily Kandinsky, who as well as being a painter was also an accomplished musician.

1 Colours of Autumn 06:32
2 Return to Remembers 04:56
3 Soundscapes 06:04
4 Travels 03:23
5 Spring ain't Here 07:02
6 Morning Dance 04:21
7 Reunion 06:21
8 Changes 06:21


Krzysztof Nowakowski - vibraphone, Kat mallet midi controller, percussion instruments;
Maciej Garbowski - double bass; Mikołaj Cierpka - guitars; Jakub Łuka - electronic effects, mixing. Przemysław Straczek, - guitar (2, 7); Jakub Gwardecki - piano (5);Michał Sosna - sax (5); Michał Rosicki - mastering in MAQ Records. Produced byKrzysztof Nowakowski and Jakub ŁukaMiguel Czachowski - graphic design.


About the artist:

Krzysztof Nowakowski - born in 1975. He finished primary and secondary music school in a percussion class. Then he improoved his skills in the Academy of Music in Katowice at the department of Jazz in the vibraphone class led by Bernard Maseli - one of the most leading vibraphone player of the european scene. After his graduation in 2000 he started to perform with many groups and orchestras playing all kind of music from classical, jazz, latin and rock.