Various Artists
Chopin on 5 Continents

Release date: 22 January 2010
Catalogue number: CM 1009 | Format: CD | Box: digipack
Album type: studio | Genre: World Music/Classical
Publisher: Musart/CM Records
Total time: 58:34
EAN: 5904259358217



This album is an attempt at creating a multicultural meeting, based on selected masterpieces from the repertoire of the great composer. This CD features unique arrangements of Frederic Chopin's masterpieces, performed on various ethnic and classical instruments from all over the world. It is a fusion which blends numerous musical traditions from five different continents with the beauty of Chopin's works.

1. Chopin in New Orleans ("Minute Waltz" Op.64 no.1)) 04:51
2. Chopin in Persia (Prelude Op.28 no.4)) 05:22
3. Chopin in Andalusia (Waltz Op.64 no.2) 05:22
4. Chopin in Africa (Prelude "Raindrop" Op.28 no.15) 03:43
5. Chopin in China (Etude "Chanson de L'Adieu" Op.10 no.3) 04:52
6. Chopin in Japan (Song "Death's Division" Op. 74 no.11) 04:42
7. Chopin in Siberia (Krakowiak Rondo Op.14) 04:23
8. Chopin in India (Largo from Fantasie-Impromptu Op.66) 05:10
9. Chopin in Arabia (Song "Faded and Vanished" Op.74 no.13) 04:52
10. Chopin in Bulgaria (Mazurka Op.33 no.2) 05:07
11. Chopin in Brazil (Nocturne Op.9 no.2) 04:04
12. Chopin in Armenia ("Spring Song" Op.74 no.2) 04:24
13. Chopin in Balkans ("Spring Song" Op.74 no.2) 02:03
14. Chopin in Poland (Song "A Young Girl's Wish" Op.74 no.1) 02:04


Maria Pomianowska: - suka, fiddle from Plock, rota, folk bass, gadulka, kemanche, rebab, sarangi, er-hu morin-hur, cello; Miguel Czachowski: flamenco guitars, cajón, palmas; Paweł Betley: choirs, flutes, whistles, piano, bass guitar, drums; Sebastian Wielądek: wind instruments, bansuri, duduk, kawal; Alina Mleczko: saxophones;Marta Maślanka: cimbalon, santoor; Małgorzata Szarlik: violin; Bartłomiej Pałyga: overtone singing, koncovka, jew's harp, didjereedoo, Robert Siwak: frame drums, darabukka; Mohammad Rasouli: ney; Roozbeh Asadian: kemanche;Małgorzata Komorowska:celtic harp; Mateusz Szemraj: ud, saz; Jędrzej Kuziela: tabla; Michał Rudas: vocal; Baba the Storyteller: vocal, kora, beat-box; and many others.