Ignacio Fernández



Release date: 1 October  2008
Catalogue number: CM 1006   |   Format: CD   |   Box: digipack
Album type: studio   |   Genre: World Music/Flamenco
Publisher: CM Records
Total time: 49:17
EAN: 5904259358569

Buscaré is debut album of the young flamenco guitar player from Jerez. His work presents modern flamenco guitar in the concept of melodic, harmonious and rhythmical blending. Ignacio melds the jazz and flamenco of his instrument, and its fluid lines allow displays of emotional expression and flights of passion Pat Metheny and Vicente Amigo would themselves seek. The album is not only for flamenco guitarists but for everyone who likes fully acoustic music, chill-out or warm sounds of Andalusian summer. There are modern and less purist airs in this Buscare in which, through well-worked melodies, he achieves a very up-to-date flamenco, that brings it closer to all audiences.

1. Ven Ven Ven (rumba) 5:26
2. Buscare (bulería) 4:32
3. Por la Madrugá (tangos) 4:17
4. Cana Ancha (tanguillos) 4:57
5. Laurita 5:26
6. Anhelo (bulería) 3:20
7. Abismo 7:20
8. Jera (rondena) 5:08
9. Angel Guardian (rumba) 5:08
10. Mi Nino Nacho (bolero) 4:48


Ignacio Fernández - flamenco guitars; Richard Olejniczak – violin; David Carpio, Carpio del Cabete, Davinia Jaen, Jose Reyes, Jaime Villar Candie, Armando Cuervo “Mandi” – vocals; Alberto Naranja – bass; Armando Cuervo “Mandi”, Jose Manuel Alconchel, Dani de Maria, Manuel Moreno – percussions; David Carpio, Carpio del Cabete – palmas; Manuel Angel – trumpet; Juan Carlos Coronado – piano.
About the artist:
Ignacio Fernández was born in Jerez de la Frontera, began playing guitar at age 11 under a tutelage of J.L. Balao, later he studied music and modern harmony in a self-taught way. He worked in the most diverse ways with his guitar: flamenco companies, jazz groups, pop-flamenco and rock, solo concerts. He participated in numerous recordings since the late 80's and in 92 he won the first prize in the national guitar competition held in his hometown. At present he is involved in productions and recordings in his own studio where he works as composer.