Release date: 7 November 2014
Catalogue number: CM 1024 | Format: CD | Box: digipack
Album type: studio | Genre: World Music/Flamenco/Jazz
Publisher: CM Records
Total time: 55:48


Indialucía – an international musical project by Miguel Czachowski, is at the same time one of the best known World Music Fusion bands. It is also the first band which has managed to successfully combine the music of India with flamenco from Andalusia, giving concerts all over the world since 1999. Their second album, Acatao (‘reunited’ in Caló, the old language of Iberian Gypsies), is a continuation of this innovative project on a world scale, a space for intermingling of musical styles and instruments, a place of new musical encounters, never seen so far. This music introduces the listener to the musical culture of southern Spain and different regions of India. The album offers entirely acoustic sound, many well-known virtuosos of ethnical instruments and vocalists from both continents, improvisation and – most of all – the energy of the Spanish flamenco and the energy of the mystic India.

1. Acatao (buleria)
2. Nandi (rumba)
3. La Septima Puerta (septeria)
4. Viento del Este (bollyrumba)
5. Gangaquivir (rumba carnatica)
6. La Nidra (debla)
7. Trilokam
8. Aroma de Cilantro
9. Thyagarajanagar (tani avartanam)
10. Kinna Sohna intro
11. Kinna Sohna (qawwali flamenco)
12. El Tilaque (vals)


Miguel Czachowski – flamenco guitars, saz, nudillos, palmas; Avaneendra Sheolikar – sitar; Purbayan Chaterjee – sitar; Sandesh Popatkar – tabla; Giridhar Udupa – ghatam, konnakol, kanjira, morsing; Pierluca Pineroli – cajón, riqq, duff, tabla, percussion; Leszek Możdżer – piano; Jorge Pardo – flute; Paquito González – cajón, tabal, caxixi, percussion; Kavita Krishnamurti – vocal; Ambi Subramaniam – violin; Monica Mata – vocal; Mohammad Rasouli – ney; Maciej Garbowski – double bass; Jayachandra Rao – mridangam; Ravichandra Kulur – kanjira; Blas Córdoba – vocal; Anandita Basu – vocal; Ignacio Fernández – gitara flamenco, gitara akustyczna; Sagar Jarel – dholak; Macarena de la Torre – vocal; Isaac Peña – nudillos, cajón; Hassan Samii – dholak; Magda Navarrete – zapateado, choirs; Alberto Naranja – bass; Michał Żak – bansuri; AUKSO Chamber Orchestra.


About the artists:

Indialucia project was initiated in India over 15 years ago. They reconciled styles as different as mystic Indian music and hot, passionate flamenco. Although such a fusion might at first seem sheer madness, when one realizes that the Spanish Gypsy people came to the Iberian Penisula from no other place but India, then Indialucia may indeed be regarded as a return to the roots. The members of the project include many outstanding musicians from both continents, with Miguel Czachowski being the founder, music producer and artistic leader. Their previous album released in 2005 received many awards and was internationally highly acclaimed as one of the best album of fusion music. It should be noted that Indialucia is the first band in the world to perform such an unusual musical fusion. They have performed and collaborated with world renowned music maestros like Dr.L.Subramaniam, Kavita Krishnamurti, Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Domingo Patricio, Emam, Pratap Pawar, and Ernie Watts among others. They have also taken part in numerous International music festivals and have toured and performed extensively in USA, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, UK, Hungary, Finland, Romania, Turkey, Mexico, Oman, Singapore and India.